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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tiny House concept more suitable for general living, or short-term tourist rental?

The Tiny House movement caters to a diverse range of needs, appealing both to those seeking a more permanent, simplified lifestyle and to travelers looking for unique, short-term accommodations. This concept is gaining popularity across various age groups for its ability to provide a peaceful, compact living experience away from the hustle and bustle of city life, as well as offering a distinctive getaway for those wishing to explore remote locations temporarily.

Can tiny houses be used as granny flats?

Certainly, tiny houses are an excellent choice for granny flats. Their growing popularity stems from the fact that they often don't require council approval. Our customizable models are designed to meet the specific needs of your family members, including different mobility requirements. For instance, we offer larger homes with beds, living areas, and kitchens all on one level, eliminating the need for stairs or ladders.

Can I put a tiny house on a slab instead of a trailer so it’s permanent?

Absolutely, you can set up a tiny home on a slab or stumps for a more permanent fixture. However, it's important to note that in doing so, the structure must adhere to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), as it will no longer be classified as a caravan. While our Tiny Houses on wheels are designed to feel spacious and home-like, unlike typical caravans, they are exempt from BCA compliance due to their foundation being a registrable trailer.

How do I connect my tiny house to electricity?

Connecting your tiny house to electricity is straightforward and similar to how you would with a caravan. Our tiny houses are designed to plug into a power source using an electrical lead. They are equipped for mains power at 15 amps, sufficient for operating common appliances like fridges and TVs. For off-grid living, we also offer the option to add solar panels and battery packages.

How do I connect my tiny house to sewage?

Connecting your tiny house to sewage systems is easy. Our homes are equipped with standard flushing toilets, which a local plumber can connect to either a mains or septic sewer system. Alternatively, if you prefer a more flexible option, we offer composting toilets as an upgrade, eliminating the need for sewer system connections.

Can your tiny houses be utilised in an off-grid application using solar?

Certainly! Our tiny houses are often used in off-grid settings by incorporating solar panels and battery storage systems.

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