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What is a tiny house?

A tiny house is a small dwelling typically ranging from 15 to 30 square metres. These homes are part of a movement that emphasizes simplifying life, reducing environmental impact, and living debt-free.

Why choose Havenn Tiny Houses?

Choosing a Havenn Tiny House offers personalization, eco-friendliness, and quality. Our designs cater to your needs with sustainable materials and practices, backed by exceptional craftsmanship for a durable investment. We support our community with great aftercare, competitive prices, and financing options. Innovation drives us, featuring smart technology and efficient appliances in mobile-friendly designs. We recommend potential buyers to explore our models and conduct thorough research to see if a Havenn Tiny House suits their lifestyle.

Are Havenn Tiny Houses mobile?

Yes, Havenn Tiny Houses are designed with mobility in mind, catering to those who value the flexibility to travel or easily relocate their home. This mobility feature allows you to enjoy the tiny house lifestyle without being tied to a single location, offering the freedom to explore or move as your needs and desires change.

Can I customize my Havenn Tiny House?

Yes, you can customize Havenn Tiny Houses to suit your personal preferences and needs. Havenn offers a range of customization options, from the layout and design to the materials used and the incorporation of eco-friendly and smart technologies. This flexibility allows you to tailor your tiny house to reflect your style, meet your functional requirements, and align with your values, especially if sustainability is important to you.

How sustainable are Havenn Tiny Houses?

Havenn Tiny Houses prioritize sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly materials and practices. We feature sustainably sourced or recycled materials, energy-efficient insulation and windows, and solar panels to reduce energy use. Water conservation is emphasized through efficient fixtures and rainwater or greywater systems. The compact size of our homes also supports a sustainable, minimalist lifestyle by using less energy and materials than traditional homes.

How much does a Havenn Tiny House cost?

The price of a Havenn Tiny House varies depending on factors including size, level of customisation, materials used, and extra features. Basic models usually cost $79,000, while personalized, high-end homes can cost over $100,000. For precise pricing tailored to your preferences and information to help plan your purchase, we recommend reaching out to us directly.

Do you offer financing options?

While we can't offer financing or transactions, Havenn provides various financing options through partnerships with financial institutions, catering to the unique aspects of tiny living. For details on financing a Havenn Tiny House, including terms, rates, and eligibility, please contact us directly for the latest information to assist in planning your purchase.

What is the lead time for a Havenn Tiny House?

The lead time for Havenn Tiny Houses varies based on design complexity, demand, and material availability, typically ranging from a few months to over a year. For the most accurate lead time, please contact us directly. We'll give you a tailored estimate based on our current production schedule and your customization needs, offering a clear idea of the delivery timeline.

What kind of support does Havenn offer after purchase?

At Havenn, our support continues well after you purchase your tiny house. We offer a complete aftercare package to ensure your satisfaction. Our team is hands on to quickly address any questions or issues. We back our work with a solid warranty for peace of mind, and provide maintenance and repair guidance to keep your home in top shape. If you're looking to upgrade or customize your tiny house, we're here to help with advice. We also understand the importance of community, so we connect Havenn owners and organize events to build a supportive network. Our aim is to make your tiny house living experience rewarding and enjoyable.

How do I prepare my site for a tiny house?

To get your site tiny house-ready, start by checking local zoning and building codes for compliance. Pick a spot with plenty of sunlight, good drainage, and privacy, but also accessible. Set up needed utilities, whether through municipal services or off-grid setups. For tiny houses on wheels, create a level, stable area; for those on permanent foundations, prepare the base. Make sure there’s clear access to your property, which may involve removing obstacles or getting special permits. Secure all required construction and utility permits. Lastly, coordinate delivery details with us to ensure the site is ready for your tiny house. Following these steps will lay a solid foundation for your move to tiny living.

Can I live in a tiny house full-time?

Certainly! living in a tiny house full-time is possible but requires careful planning. Check local laws for legality and zoning restrictions. Be prepared to adapt to a smaller space and decide if your tiny house will be stationary or mobile, as this affects utility access and legal considerations. Ensure you have access to water, electricity, and internet, either through municipal services or off-grid options. Joining a tiny house community can also offer valuable support. Thoroughly research and consider if the tiny house lifestyle meets your needs before committing.

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